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F.D.W. The customer is completely released from liability for damages that preceded the vehicle from an accident unless he violated the K.O.K. or the terms of paragraph 2 of these lease terms. In this case he is obliged to cover the amount of 300 €.

C.D.W. The customer will be charged with the amount of participation in own damages caused in the parking lot even in the absence of the customer. The customer will pay for all the costs of the damages if he violated the K.O.K. the terms of paragraph 2 of these lease terms. In this case he is obliged to cover the amount of ……… €


2) USE OF THE CAR: All insurance terms expire when:

  1. a) The driver or co-drivers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs etc
  2. b) the vehicle is driven by a person other than the agreed customer or co-drivers or the vehicle is used:
  3. c) for towing another vehicle or trailer or other objects
  4. d) in a speed race
  5. e) for the carriage of heavy luggage and objects, flammable material goods that are soiled or have a strong odor, animals or drugs;
  6. g) on the beach, sea or sand,
  7. h) for damage caused by intent or negligence (eg burnt cigarette seats, broken interior, etc.)
  8. i) for the carriage of passengers in excess of the permitted capacity
  9. j) on poor roads,
  10. k) for any person without prior leasing license
  11. l) for anyone who does not have a driving license and is under the age of 21


3) In case of accident or other incident (theft, fire, etc.) the customer

is obliged to:

  1. a) call the police (traffic),
  2. b) to note and keep names and addresses and information of third parties h

witnesses involved in the accident or incident.

  1. c) notify the landlord immediately by telephone or in any other way
  2. d) complete and sign an accident report within 24 hours if requested
  3. e) to send or provide any document or information related to the accident as well as a photocopy of the driving license of himself and his co-drivers.

 The non-physical damages and damages resulting from the negligence of the tenant will be repaired by the office and the costs will be borne by him. The tenant is obliged not to make repairs by himself that exceed € 3.00 without the approval of the office that will be done by phone. These repairs must be accompanied by a detailed paid invoice.

The safety does not cover tires and the bottom of the car. It is forbidden to use the car on a bad road. The lessee is responsible for any damage. The tenant is obliged to report within 24 hours to the office any accident with a penalty of deprivation of the right to insurance. His statement will state the circumstances, date, place and time of the accident, the number of the police body, the names and addresses of the other party’s witnesses as well as the registration number.

The lessor has the inalienable right to settle damages for the present…

The tenant is obliged to return the car when the lease expires. Otherwise it authorizes the office to withdraw this from its liability at the expense of the tenant, wherever it is located, unless 24 hours before the end of the lease it is extended with the approval of the office. In no case can the guarantee be used to extend the lease.

 From the day of receipt of the vehicle until its return by the lessee, he will be considered the owner. Therefore, in this capacity, he will be responsible for any fines, violations, summonses and lawsuits against him. The removal or falsification of EOT marks is strictly prohibited.

It is also forbidden for the tenant to leave the car. Otherwise, the office will charge him all the costs of collecting and repatriating the car to the office premises.

This will be respected by both the lessor and the lessee.

It is expressly agreed that the only competent for the resolution of any disputes arising from this agreement are the Greek courts and in fact those of Rhodes.